•Today is the first day of the rest of your life•
  • look at him hes so happy i cant im just so used to seeing him cry all the time oh my god

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  • unexplained-events:


    There is a magical beauty to some abandoned places.

    1) Abandoned ship in Canary Islands

    2) Abandoned home in New Orleans

    3) Abandoned Belgian chateau

    4) Abandoned operating room

    5) Abandoned home in Poland

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  • Just imagine what OUAT would be like if Robert Carlyle wasn’t in it…


    Everything we love about the character, all the quirks, the catchphrases, gestures, character/acting integrity, hotness, and dynamic of the entire show would be drastically altered, for the worst, most likely. He’s a phenomenal actor- I wouldn’t say he creates the amazing-ness of the show, but he’s most certainly the reason I watch.

    …On second thought, I don’t want to imagine OUAT without him!


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